Past Projects

Below you find a list of some of our successful projects from the past years:

  • Development an introduction of a new, disruptive development flow and mangament of the development team
  • Build-up of a new business and development of all needed strategies around it (market, products, customers)
  • Acquisition and integration of a startup company led by an Asian management team into a German enterprise
  • Development of a global growth strategy for an Automotive supplier covering seven to be synchronized business units
  • Concept, setup and start of execution of quarterly business reviews with partners from the Asian Pacific region
  • Development of a push-pull strategy and related marketing programs with retail, e-tail, distributors and system integrators
  • Drive the change in strategy from a very strong customer driven to a more market and application driven supplier
  • Setup and introduction of a new marketing team accompanied by setting up all needed sales and marketing processes
  • Foundation and build-up of a startup company including acquisition of startup-capital and build-up of a new product line
  • Improving efficiency in a R&D optimization by adapting the team structure, all R&D processes as well as product strategies
  • Rework/adaptation of company strategy based upon existing differentiation and driven due to changing market conditions
  • Rework and adaptation of CorpCom and MarCom strategies, messaging and content aligned to a modified company strategy
  • Setup and optimization of the yearly company strategy process including development of a process for follow-up during the year
  • Setup of an European Sales organization for an US-based startup company including development of needed sales strategies